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Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher  view images

Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher met while photographing a Maasai Warrior ceremony in 1978. They have spent the last 3 decades traveling throughout 40 of Africa’s 54 countries making a photographic record of sacred tribal rituals. Many of the tribes and the ceremonies that they have recorded no longer exist. Beckwith and Fisher have earned the reputation of being the foremost visual anthropologists producing an extensive photographic record of African traditions. They have produced over 10 volumes of photographic work and have had many international museum exhibitions.

Twenty-two years ago these two acclaimed photographers became the first Westerners to penetrate into the isolated lands of the Karo and Surma tribes in Southwest Ethiopia. They traveled by mule over mountain passes and spent a great deal of time learning the language of the people, their cultural traditions and rites of passage. They painstakingly recorded the richness and uniqueness of native customs and rituals.

The photographic record of the Surma and Karo tribes is the basis of Beckwith and Fisher’s exhibition at Holden Luntz Gallery, in Palm Beach, Florida. It is the inaugural gallery showof this body of work. Fisher and Beckwith have produced these photographic portraits at the internationally acclaimed Cuerpos Pintados Experimental Workshop in Santiago, Chile. Cuerpos Pintados allows them to produce state of the art, archival, dramatic photographs concentrating on the traditions of body painting. At this workshop their focus is on the individuals and their customs rather than on the geography and landscape of Africa.

Fisher and Beckwith have collaborated with Cuerpos Pintados to produce a magically beautiful body of work that stress the universal dimensions of humanity. The sacred, spiritual and divine are captured through the medium of photography.