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David Richardson is from Waterford, Michigan, a semi rural community north west of Detroit. Art was everywhere in his childhood home where his mother, Norma Richardson, and brother, Nathan Richardson, painted. As a young child, Richardson often helped his mother stretch her canvas, make frames, and apply oil stains on reliefs she created. He was sometimes rewarded for this work and other chores with brief instruction in drawing, color and composition. It wasn't until after his father died and Richardson began traveling with his mother to outdoor art fairs and exhibitions that Richardson realized his mother's artistic talents and pursuits were not mainstream.

Richardson initially attended college on an art scholarship but changed his major to biology after becoming frustrated by what he perceived as his lack of artistic vision. Once finished with his science studies and with the encouragement of his mother, Richardson began painting again. It was during this period that Richardson began to fully appreciate his mother's sense of color and the abstract possibilities of figures and color composition his brother was exploring. Moving to the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago and being exposed to Chicago's galleries and museums encouraged Richardson to fully commit himself to painting again. Richardson left Chicago in 1990 and for the next ten years lived in California, Oklahoma, Virginia and North Carolina painting, exhibiting his figurative work and serving in the USMC.

In 2000, Richardson's painting took a drastic turn after he returned from an extended stay in Japan where he had absorbed the quiet and abstracted aesthetic of Japanese gardens and landscape. The calm and regal nature of the cut or rough stones with Kanji inscriptions that the Japanese use to mark civic buildings, gardens, businesses and residences struck Richardson. When he returned to the U.S., Richardson painted his recollection of these stones eventually exhibiting the piece alongside some of his figurative work. The reception of the piece and his own interest in stone structures such as Stonehenge and the stone carved heads at Easter Island encouraged Richardson to further pursue the theme in an ongoing series of paintings falling under the general category The Trojan War Series. These paintings are now in many public and private collections throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Along with the ongoing Trojan War work, Richardson's most recent work is two series of paintings he began while living in Korea. The first series, Expatriate, reflects the gritty and tangled atmosphere of a modern urban mega city in a series of signs and symbols Richardson encountered on Seoul's streets. The work is intended to be somewhat fragmented and chaotic depicting the experience of living in a foreign country and with a limited understanding of the nuance of custom, the written word or the spoken language. The austere color palette of grays, blacks and reds is a significant break from the wide ranging pallet Richardson uses in The Trojan War series. The other series, Series R, displays the glitter of Seoul at night rather than the relatively tough daytime resonance of the Expatriate paintings. The Greek and Latin crosses that adorn Korean churches and can be seen at night lit up in neon all through the hillsides surrounding Seoul are featured prominently in the work. Although no longer living in Korea, Richardson continues to work both series.

Richardson lives in Arlington, Virginia where he maintains a studio and paints.

BS Biology (Magna Cum Laude), Harding University 1983-1988
Assistant Professor, The George Washington University 2001-2004
Washington Art League 2001-2004

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
TROJAN WAR YEARS, Washington DC. The Ralls Collection, Inc.
ArtAspen August 2010

EXPATRIATE WORK, Chevy Chase MD. Curated by Margery Goldberg and Zenith Gallery
ZENITH GALLERY, THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY SHOW, Washington, D.C. Curated by Margery Goldberg and Zenith Gallery

ZENITH IN THE ABSTRACT, Washington D.C. Curated by John Blee and Zenith Gallery
RECENT WORKS, Seoul Korea. Curated by Lisa Kim and Itaewon Gallery

29 ARTISTS – 29 YEARS, Washington D.C. Curated by Margery Goldberg and Zenith Gallery
GALLERY ARTIST SHOW, Wilmington NC. Curated by Hap Willard Front Street Gallery, Wilmington NC

THE ILIAD-TROJAN WAR WORK, Washington, D.C. Curated by Margery Goldberg and Zenith Gallery
DAVID RICHARDSON – 30 NEW PAINTINGS, Wilmington NC. Curated by Hap Willard and Front Street Gallery

DAVID RICHARDSON – THE ILIAD PAINTINGS, Wilmington NC. Curated by Hap Willard and Front Street Gallery
GALLERY ARTIST SHOW, New Orleans LA. Curated by Joan Cox and Moxy Studio Selected Collections

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