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Cultural Diplomacy

Marsha Ralls, CEO of The Ralls Collection, has been promoting arts and cultural awareness throughout her career, and is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with local and international leaders on arts initiatives. Ms. Ralls is passionate about bringing communities together worldwide through cultural diplomacy.

Ms. Ralls’ work with the Dubai Cultural Council in the UAE was the culmination of many of these initiatives. Collaborating with international cultural experts and representatives, she advised an exhibition featuring artists from the Dubai region alongside American artists, advocating cultural awareness and fostering an international dialogue. She anticipates a longstanding and productive future in cultural diplomacy, offering her arts expertise and advisory services to further promote global arts initiatives.

Appointed by three mayoral administrations, Ralls has been a long standing DC Commissioner on the Arts and Humanities. She has worked with hundreds of Washington cultural leaders, art institutions and education initiatives. A few highlights include: Arena Stage, Duke Ellington School for the Arts, International Child Art Foundation, Kennedy Center, The Phillips Collection, Shakespeare Theater, Step Afrika, and Young Playwright’s Theater, Inc.

Anthony A. Williams, former mayor of the District of Columbia said of CEO Ms. Ralls: “Marsha is someone that is a true pleasure and a delight. Having her sit on the DC Arts and Humanities Commission has been a real benefit to our commitment to the arts. History and art is an important part of our city and its future, and Marsha’s input is invaluable. Marsha would be a strong asset and a valuable partner in creating and executing any project that involves the arts. It is her type of leadership, vision and drive that helps create success for others.”

Ms. Ralls has worked extensively with the US State Department on global outreach programs and advised on economic development through the arts and humanities. In creating environments of cultural awareness and supporting the diversity brought by artistic endeavors, Ms. Ralls strives to promote attitudes of acceptance and civil discourse both regionally and abroad.